Thursday 12 February 2015

BIG BOOBS! How Do I Dress Them??!!!!

Being a flat chested gal myself, I find it hard to fathom the idea of 'dressing down' your 'boobs'....however, to create the illusion of a slim upper torso and long lean lines I often help my larger 'bosomed' ladies with styling tips and tricks to help 'divert' attention away from their 'bust'.

Its about drawing the eye away from your buxom boobs and up to your gorgeous face!

Try some or all of these tips below and let me know if you feel slimmer, longer and leaner......And if you notice the 'attention' being diverted elsewhere ;-) ......I know you will x

1.  V-necklines!  Yep we all know that V-necks help break up a heavy chest and separate the left from the right!........high necklines create a larger chest and a possible 'monoboob' in larger busted ladies!!  So best to AVOID!!
The black vertical panel down the front of this top has its own 'bust minimising' features! It separates the bust and creates the illusion of them appearing only as big as the pink fabric on either side!

2.  Empire Lines!  Empire lines sit just under the bust.  They don't necessarily have to pull in firm under the bust. The purpose of this line is to create shape and show off the slim lines down the side of the bust.  An empire line will prevent a dress hanging from the bust like a shapeless sack!  A wrap style top/dress with the tie wrapping just under the bust will have the same effect.

3.  Larger Scale Jewellery!  This is dependent on your own size and scale and is hard to believe unless you try it.....but......a small pendant on large boobs will just draw attention to the size of your bust .....but a larger scale necklace/pendant on large boobs will make the boobs appear smaller in comparison.  Go on....test it out!!

4.  Keep it simple!  Keep your top half lines clean and simple.  Avoid any pockets or detailing on your bust.  Remember darker colours darker colours on your top half will create the illusion of a smaller bust.  Wear your darker colours as your base top/shirt/singlet and layer over some colour with a cardi/jacket/scarf.

5.  Armholes!  Wide armholes (like batwing) and boho styles will broaden your chest and can make you appear more top heavy.  Also high armholes (ie. armholes up on the top of your shoulder vs armholes half way down your upper arm) make you look narrower across the shoulders.

Low armholes make you look broader across
the chest

High armholes make you look narrower across
the shoulders and bust

6.  Collars!  Choose collars and lapels on shirts and jackets that are narrow rather than wide and have deeper V openings.  A blazer style jacket should on a larger bust should have 1-2 fastenings with the top one doing up just under the bust.

7.  Jackets and Cardis! .... Are your boobs best friends!  They 'down play' a large bust by creating long open slim lines down your torso.  They create the illusion of making you appear narrower and leaner as you only appear to be as wide as the top you wear underneath.  This is where you would best suit your darker colour worn underneath and your brighter/lighter colour over the top in your cardi/jacket.

8.  Fabric Choice!  Avoid stiff fabrics!  Also avoid any fabric with too much 'cling' over your bust area.  You generally want to show off the slim area around the sides and just under your bust so ensure you have some shaping there.  Soft, drapey fabrics with some shaping are your best fit.  These will float over your bust without drawing attention to it.

Remember.....these are only ideas.  Not all of these will work for also depends on your body shape and proportions x