Wednesday 3 September 2014

JEAN POCKETS.......Does my butt look big in these???

Denim now days is generally pretty flattering on most back-sides, however, when selecting your jeans you should always take into account the full 360 degree view!!!!

"You want to look as great walking out as you do walking in!!!"

In light of this, I thought I would share some tips on selecting jeans with back pockets that suit your butt.  For some, this will mean choosing pockets to create more butt and more curves on your back side and for others it will mean selecting pocket features to minimise a voluptuous bottom! a nutshell the things to consider when selecting pocket features for the perfect butt in your jeans are:

  • Pocket size
  • Pocket placement
  • Angle of pockets
  • Detailing on pockets
  • Bulk of pockets

Flat Bottomed Girls
You probably feel you'd like to create more bottom so you are looking for pocket features to accentuate your rear view!!

Consider back pockets with a 'flap' design to add some bulk.
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Contrast stitching and bold accents (embellishments, embroidery) also create the illusion of more fullness.

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As an alternative to jeans with flap pockets you can look for jeans with back pockets that are placed higher on the bum and tilted slightly outward, to give your butt a lifted appearance.

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Ideally you should aim for pockets that are medium to slightly larger size to create more bum.

Note.....The bottom of back pockets shouldn't sit lower than the bottom curve of your butt (where your butt cheeks meet your legs), as this will give your flat butt a droopy appearance.

Big Bottomed Girls
Depending on your proportions you are probably wanting to find back pockets to flatter your perfectly curved bottom or you are wanting features to minimise a bigger bottom.

The size of the pockets is a big trick.  Choose back pockets that are a medium size (in comparison to your own bum).  Too small and you make a bigger butt look even larger.

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Pockets that are angled in slightly to the centre will created the illusion of a slightly narrower bum.

Pockets that are closer together will also create the illusion of a narrower bum.
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Pockets that sit slightly lower on your bum will have a flattening effect.  And pockets that are too high will create even more volume.  Ideally we are aiming for somewhere in the middle where the pocket sits on the widest part of your butt and just above your cheeks.

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Avoid pocket flaps, embroidery, embellishments or any other features that are going to add bulk to your rear.

You can help create a slimmer butt, too, by always opting for dark washes of jeans.