Thursday 10 November 2011


The 'Vintage Vibe' with Kate Spade Spring 2012 Collection
Kate Spade fun with spots 2012 spring collection

Vintage style frocks, skirts, blouses, shoes and bags have a huge presence on the fashion runways and in the shops this spring and summer!

VINTAGE style gets ME excited!!

Op shopping is one of my favourite past times when the 'budget' has already been exhausted for the week....happens most weeks on a Tuesday for me!!!   Its that whole anticipated excitement of grabbing a bargain  (a bit like the anticipation of hoping/dreaming this weeks lotto ticket has all the winning numbers!)...   Its the thrill of finding the hidden treasure!  I get excited about stained china tea cups, tainted old crystal and tarnished teaspoons....I love old fashioned roses and  overgrown cottage gardens....I love old houses with the old 'loved lived in' charm and character....that's what excites me most about "old stuff" is its character!!
Hence my feverish hype over all the NEW vintage fashion around this season!
Vintage Style is 'Style with Character'!!!

Vintage fashion to me is demure and feminine...reminiscent of 'high teas' and 'preppy high school dances'.

Me in a 1950's 'housewife' dress (Bettie Monroe)

Vintage frocks have a preppy classic timeless quality that celebrates all things about the feminine aesthetic.
The classic 50's silhouette is powerfully feminine with lots of colour and elegant lines.
Vintage style exudes fun, plenty of floral, femininity, grace, individuality and a little quirkiness!
Floral vintage 1950's Dress (Wallis)

New vintage fashion is a whimsical spin on the timeless classics!  The dresses are ultra feminine.  They drape and flatter the figure.  This style accentuates the waist. is firm around the bust and flows into an A-line skirt to just under the knee.....  I think that's what I love about this trend is its elegance and the detail to compliment the feminine form.

Vintage style is all about timeless feminine silhouettes, having heaps of fun and expressing your individuality.

Are you ready to have fun with VINTAGE this season?