Tuesday 12 August 2014

DENIM.....Which Jeans are best for my body shape??

One of the questions I get asked on almost every 'Shopping trip' I do with my clients is...."what style jeans would you recommend for my body shape"???

As kiwi girls, we love our jeans!  Jeans to most are a wardrobe staple and I recommend (if budget allows) to have 2 pairs....one pair for everyday living and one pair for dressing up. 

The most 'Universally flattering' shape jean on all body types (that's fancy talk for "it looks great on almost all body types") is the STRAIGHT LEG JEAN!!!
This style jean is my number 1 recommendation almost every time!!  
Source: Truereligion.com
They are fitted at the thigh (ie. they "skim the thigh") and cut straight from below the knee to the ankle.  The straight cut creates a long slim leg line.
The straight leg cut doesn't snug the ankle (like skinnies do).  This slightly wider ankle opening means this shape will balance out the hips and thighs. ...(unlike 'Skinnies' which will accentuate this area). 
The slightly wider opening around the ankle (as compared to a skinny) makes them ideal for heels and flats too, giving you more options.
  • The rise.  The general rule is to aim for around your hip bone or your belly button.  Do you have a long waist (opt for medium-high rise).....do you have a short waist (opt for low-medium rise).  If you have a tummy you may want to find a waist band with a little bit of stretch and aim for around your belly button. 
  • The darker the denim the more flattering and slimming!  Darker denim is also easier to dress up for a night out too.

  • Consider the thickness and rigidity of the denim.  A thicker more rigid denim is more forgiving and 'holds more in'.  However, a softer denim may be more 'pliable'  and comfortable for young mums playing around with their kids.

  • Curved waists suit the curvier girls.  These are higher at the back and slightly lower at the front. (eg. Levis Demi Curve Jeans)..... cos lets face it, no-one wants to see a 'builders crack'!!

  • The 'Rock Revival Trend' includes jeans with 'distressed features' eg. “whiskering” detail, faded lines on the upper thigh, rips and studs!  Just be wary they will draw the eye to that area.  If you are conscious of your hips or thighs you probably want to avoid these distressed features.

Source: Polyvore.com
  • If you are busty and broad up top, you may prefer to go for a wider leg jean to balance out your top half.  If you are slim and straight, you may prefer to go for a boot leg or wide leg with the intention of creating more curves. If you teeny up top with large hips and thighs, you may find that a boot cut balances out your curves better.
    • Boot legs are a great second choice for most of us........Straights are just a bit more 'now' x

    In my next post, I will follow on with flattering pockets to make you bootie look its finest!