Thursday 15 May 2014


'THE PONCHO TREND.... Will this be your new fav this Winter???'

Some might be mistaken for thinking you are simply wearing a 'blanket' draped around your shoulders, but, these 'blankies' are right on trend this winter.  Its a super comfy, all rugged up, snuggly kind of trend....we're going to like this one when the days get colder and darker!!

There's the 'Boho' take on this seen below on the Fall 2014 runways

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You could belt your poncho/cape to create more shape and achieve a more feminine chic look?? (see below)

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Ponchos can be brought into lots of style personalities depending on the fabric choice (soft knit or chunky), colour, pattern, the way you wear them and what you wear them with....wear it your own way!!


However, one cant help but wonder if 'Betty Suarez' (from TV show "Ugly Betty") has something to do with this!!  We love you Betty!!!

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