Wednesday 2 October 2013


Juicy Tangerine…Do you like to Tango??

Tangerine! It was the Pantone Colour of the Year 2012 and is out to Tango for a few more seasons yet! It’s a more vibrant version of orange and when worn right, it can give even the gloomiest day a warm, fresh vibe!  This ‘vitamin charged’ hue projects confidence and warmth, strength and happiness.
It’s a high energy colour and whatever you combine it with, it will make your outfit ‘pop’!
If you are bolder in style, embrace it with one strong piece (ie. A dress, blazer of pants) or use it as an accent in accessories for something a little more subtle.

For everyday casual dressing; wear tangerine as a top and tone it down with a blazer, cardi or other jacket. Combining tangerine with black is a more dramatic look with high contrast, whereas combining it will lighter neutrals will tone it down for a more subtle contrast.

Alessandra Ambrosio April 2013  Photo credit


Casual teamed up with warm toned neutralsl

Elegant everyday look toned down with casual stripe Tee.

Jessica Alba – A sophisticated dressier look

Want to go all out in Tangerine?  Team up a Tangerine dress with ‘Inky blue bag, belt and shoes. 
This is a sophisticated look and the blue tempers the vividness of the dress.  Black would be too stark and a harsher look.  Opt for warm golden accents in your accessories rather than cool silver for instant glam!

Victoria Beckham photo credit Pacific Coast News

Gwyneth Paltrow                         Julie Bowen      Photo credit Yahoo Shine

For high drama….team up Tangerine with hot pink, icy blue, mint green or neon yellow!  This allows the shade to take centre stage and really intensifies its impact….Go forth oh brave one!!

Kim Kardashian combining these two bold colours adds drama

Tangerine is everywhere this Spring/Summer.  Get some in your wardrobe!  Get your orange fix!  Are you ready to Tango with Tangerine??