Wednesday 10 August 2016

Office Capsule

Office Capsule

Sugarhill Boutique navy dress
98 NZD -

Phase Eight floral top
6,795 NZD -

Public School tee shirt
525 NZD -

MaxMara leather shirt
350 NZD -

Athleta summer top
205 NZD -

Oasis dressy top
65 NZD -

LE3NO lightweight jacket
27 NZD -

ChloƩ pull on pants
805 NZD -

Alexander Wang high waist skirt
695 NZD -

Rebecca Taylor green pants
210 NZD -

Ballet shoes
325 NZD -

Lucky brand booties
195 NZD -

DKNY bracelet watch
78 NZD -

Mata Traders stone necklace
47 NZD -

Crystal necklace
5.91 NZD -

Mint Velvet green scarve
71 NZD -

Wednesday 9 December 2015

SUMMER = SWIM-SUITS!!! How Do I Choose One to Suit ME???

Summer is on its way!!! Yay!!  Warmer weather, longer evenings, BBQ's, beaches, golden sand, swimming, ahhhhh.....eeeeekkkk.....SWIMWEAR!!!

Yes, most of us do have an anxiety attack when we think about stripping down to not much...However.....hopefully with a few tips on choosing styles of swimwear to suit your body shape and style.....I can help ease the anxiety....just a teeny bit.....fingers crossed x

AND.....I have already done the hard yards for all you avid beach goers.....yes I have stripped off in many a changing room around the city and tried on a vast array of swimsuits just to test the theories for myself.....and for you!

As with any fashion styling, choose colours and fabrics that will highlight your best features and downplay your less-loved parts. The secret to a good swimsuit is drawing the eye to the most flattering parts of your figure; this will help you to feel more comfortable as well as looking and feeling your best.

(Note...All swimwear in this blog post is care of and 2015/16 collections)

Long Body/Short legs
Your Aim......To create the illusion of longer legs!
Solution......High-cut bikini bottoms make legs look longer. If you're short, or you're long in the torso, this is a good selection.  A one piece can emphasize a long body so often a tankini or 2 piece may suit you better.
A higher waisted bottom can also make the legs appear longer.
Draw the eye up with detailing on your neckline or bust.

Short Body/Long legs
Lets be honest, if you've got long legs....swimsuits aint much of a problem for you!!!
Often you may be more conscious of your tummy, so one pieces can look great on you with a little bit of shirring across the waist.  A higher neckline will also create the illusion of a longer body.
Halter tops and triangle tops will draw attention to the bust.  So if that's what you're go girl!!

Broad Shoulders
Your Aim.....To create the illusion of balance with your hips by drawing attention away from your shoulders.
Solution......Boy-shorts make your hips look wider, regardless of colour. If you have a large bust and want the hips to match for a classic hourglass shape, boy-shorts can be a good option
Don't have your straps too wide on your shoulders.....straps that pull into a halter neck can help minimise the appearance of wide shoulders.

Curvy Figure
Your Aim.....You have two options:  You can either highlight your curves OR not!
Solution.....The only real piece of advice here is....if you are going to highlight them you need to ensure good support and coverage.  Shirring (ruching) through the waist can enhance your shape while giving good support.  Swimsuits with colour block centre strips can create the illusion of a slimmer figure (see photo 3 and 4 below)

Pear Shape
Your Aim.....You generally have small boobs, a little waist and your hips are much broader than your shoulders.  You want to use styles to create the illusion of balance between your shoulders and hips. Solution......You want to draw the eye up with colour and detail on your top while keeping the bottom dark and unfussy.
Bandeau tops will make the bust seem wider. If you're a pear shape and you want to imitate an hourglass shape, choose a bandeau top (straight across) with ruffles or another busy detail (See photo 3 below).
Shoulder detail will make the shoulders appear broader and create balance with the hips.
Avoid short boy shorts or bottoms with thick leg bands as these will only call attention to the area you are trying to cover up. 
Opt for a higher cut bottom.  Higher cut bottom pieces slim the tops of the thighs and create the illusion of longer legs.  Two piece swimsuits can work really well on you!!
A tankini will highlight your waist, because it draws the eye to the section of skin that's showing. If you love your waist but not so much your hips or bust, choose this.


Your Aim..... is to 'play up' some curves!  Swimsuits with less coverage can help create the illusion of curves in all the right places!!
Solution.....Tie side bikini bottoms create curves on your hips.  Ruffles, prints and embellishments can create curves up top (or anywhere!).  Strategically placed 'cut outs' in a one piece can create fabulous curves.

Big Boobs
Your Aim.....You are most often looking to minimise the focus on your chest??
Solution.....Finding a swimsuit with good support is key here!!  For a large bust, look for a straight across cut at the top of your swimsuit (or a high V - not plunging)with wide set straps to minimize your bust. Try a bikini top with an underwire and a thick chest band for extra support. The thicker the straps the more support.  Higher backed swimsuits can also be more supportive for large busts.

Small Boobs
Your Aim..... To create the illusion of more boob where there is very little!!
Solution.....Tie-front bikini tops pull the breasts closer to one another, effectively making them look larger. If you have small breasts and want them to look larger, this might be a good fit.
Bold pattern, embellishments and ruffles all create the illusion of more put them on your bust ladies!!
Padded push up tops are always another option.

A Tummy to conceal?
Your Aim.....To draw the attention away from the tummy!
Solution.....Shirred fabric with gathers across the waist will hide bulges and create definition. 
A 1940s-style, bottom that's high-waisted can also help hide a tummy. Again, go with a dark colour or shirring.  Pattern can also help hide a tummy as it keeps the eye busy so that it is unable to focus on an area!!
Swimsuits with a faux wrap style across the tummy can also conceal bulges.

 To Sum Up............
  • To highlight a feature you like, use a bright colour or pattern.
  • To hide something you don't like, use a solid colour.
  • If you feel most comfortable in black....wear black!!
  • Colours that tone in with your eyes will make your eyes pop!
  • To add volume (such as to the bust or hips), choose a piece with ruffles in that area.
  • To hide volume (such as on the waist), use shirred or ruched fabric.
  • Don't be afraid to buy separates that don't match perfectly! For many want to highlight your bust but draw attention away from your hips. You might buy a bikini top in a bright solid or pattern, and a bottom that's a dark black, blue or brown (depending on the top).

It really doesn't have to be that bad....and just remember, 'You are who you are, so don't let time pass you by, enjoy what you have, and be happy in this moment' xxx

The swimwear styling tips listed above are only ideas....not take them as you like
x Megan

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Winter Wardrobe Capsule

Winter Wardrobe Capsule

Kohl dress

Valentino green blouse
775 NZD -

10 Crosby Derek Lam black long sleeve top
400 NZD -

Cowl top
120 NZD -

Mango shirt
41 NZD -

ONLY lightweight shirt
48 NZD -

Apricot chiffon tunic
38 NZD -

Pieces black v neck t shirt
26 NZD -

Cropped coat
220 NZD -

OPUS Fashion long sleeve blazer
130 NZD -

Topshop patterned trousers
34 NZD -

UGG Australia stacked heel boots
265 NZD -

Flat pumps
150 NZD -

Pangmama wide heel pumps
55 NZD -

Monsoon beaded tassel necklace
61 NZD -

Fendi patterned scarve
400 NZD -

Lightweight scarve
39 NZD -